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Gaming on Linux
Everyone agrees, gaming on Linux isn't easy. You are basically trying to use a translator to play something that hasn't been written for Linux, and hoping it all works perfectly. Not always an easy task. And here we go again.
Couples In Hotels - A History
Sit down, you little buggers, and I will tell you a story . A story that needs to be told, and remembered.
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Ralla - a Sinhala Transliterated Input System for IBUS
For a long time I have been trying to type in Sinhala. On Windows 95 I used the transliterated typing system crated by Chrismal Panditharatne, and when I moved to Linux, I had to find a new system. Mainly because I was not used to touch-typing, I was also not used to typing on the Wijesekara Keyboard Layout. So, with all of that, I had to find another way.
Protesting woman holding up a sign saying "what lessens one of us, lessens all of us" - credit Micheile Henderson
Guns, Rights, and Why We Don't Need You
A few days ago a Facebook friend shared a post by a gun-rights page about why gun owners are not coming to save the protesters in Portland and other places being targeted by the police and federal agencies. Namely, because the gun-owners have been insulted by the political left as racist, bigoted, misogynist, and many other things.
Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion - A review
No one in the USA seems to have heard of Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion, but out here in Asia-land, where we grew up on the tales of Asterix, Obelix, and the rest of the mad, mad inhabitants of that little Gaulish village that withstood the might of Caesar and all his legions, the movie was greeted with loud cheers.
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I will punch you in the face
I will not punch you in the face for being a Nazi. Though I find Nazism abhorrent, it's your right to believe in it. I will not punch you in the face for being a racist. Again, you have the absolute, inalienable right to that stupid, outdated, abhorrent belief. Being stupid is not a crime, although there are many days I wish it were. I will not punch you in the face for hanging out with your Nazi, racist, supremacist friends in your little fortresses of hate and stupidity.
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The Pros and the Cons
So the pros are out. Running their cons. And we're supposed to choose which one to bend over and spread our cheeks for.  
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The New Year Election Predictions
OK, so it's not just predictions. It's my thoughts on this entire jing-bang fiasco grim fandango Vicious Cabaret. I don't wan't Mahinda to win The Beast has had a long run. He has had it for long enough. He has had it for too long. The corruption, the hatred, the bullshit has gone on for far too long. I like some of the things he has done, but I don't like, neither do I agree with the way he has done so many of those things.
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Sri Lanka Board of Foreign Employment leaves 100,000 names and passport and ID numbers up for grabs
It all started with Trevor and Tekla Fernando. People who listened to the English Service of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in the 80s and early 90s may remember them. In an era where getting a request in on the radio meant writing a real, actual, snail mail letter, Trevor and Tekla (who many may remember because of the alliteration in their names) managed to get a request in - an their names read on - every single request show on the SLBC English service. Every. Single. Day.
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Why we should stop hating on the "marry your rapist law" .. at least a little bit
Yes, Sri Lanka's Minister of Child Development and Womens' Affairs is a man. Yes, he's said that he's qualified to be the Minister because he has six sisters, a wife, and two daughters. Yeah, he's a bit of an idiot.