Couples In Hotels - A History

Sit down, you little buggers, and I will tell you a story . A story that needs to be told, and remembered.

Many decades ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, in the early 90s, there was a massive amount of cop raids on hotels. They used the PTA to justify raiding the hotels for "suspected terrorists". If you were Tamil. there for any reason, - and one of the reasons was they had come from the North because they were fucked there, and were trying to get out of the country - you were pretty much fucked. If you were underage, or schooling, you'd be dragged into the station and handed to the parents - so you were fucked. If you were adult, and didn't bribe them, you'd be charged with some morality clause or the other, or prostitution, and on the whole, you're fucked.

In short, my kiddos, you wanted to fuck, but you get fucked.

The cops, of course, didn't give a fuck. The were having a great time. The would get money from hotels - the "please don't fuck with us" fee - and money from the people they brought in. Many of us knew of "safe": hotels (run by friends and relatives of senior cops) and the possibility of being caught and taken into custody was part of the price you pay for a good time away from the parents.

Then one day, The Thing happened.

A couple went to a hotel for a "day out". They were young, professional - not that kind of professional, you slaphead - and just wanted a good time. And of course they had their hotel and room raided. The cops came in, checked ID, and dragged a bunch of them into the station. Apparently, most of them paid off the cops, but not these two. Oh, no! They knew what they were doing, and they knew their rights.

So our dynamic duo lawyered up. Showed up at (IIRC) the Mount Lavinia court house. And they plead their case. The defence was pretty simple. They were willing adults and it was legal for them to do what they were doing. And the PTA was only for terrorist activity, and not morality policing. The police had obviously gone way the fuck beyond their bounds, and this was just plain wrong.

And the judge agreed with them.

And so, the word came down from on high, that the police could no longer take people on the grounds of morality, even if the PTA raids were still allowed to happen. They could only get you if you were underage (and at that time the age of consent was 12 IIRC). Of course, if you were Tamil, you were still fucked.

And that is how and why these raids stopped.

So, remember children, every time you go out for some "hotel time" give a heartfelt "thank you" to our un-named duo who fought and won for your freedom to fuck in peace.

So, have fun, stay safe, fuck the police, and fight for the repeal of the Piece of Trash Act (PTA).

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