Great Geeks Retreating!

Photo by VanveenJF on Unsplash
"This was a great idea you had, Such."
"I had? I thought you had it!"

When Navn Weeraratne and I had this conversation, we knew we were on to something good.

Something big.

Something so awesome and geeky and awesomely geeky it could only be called "The Great Geek Retreat".

Of course it came out of a drunken conversation - as such things so often do - but it is shaping up to be something special.

We rented a bungalow at Puwakpitiya (unfortunately they could only give it to us for one night - the place is popular), and collected the crew via the Facebook Page.

When the smoke cleared, the adventure party included Nick the Nonchalant (of The Fundamentalist Nomenclature of (Al) fame), his wife Areeba the Unburqa'd, Frank the Beancounter, Tushani the Unremembered, Hasitha the Analytical and his wife Dilini the Missus, Samantha the Bookly, and - the only other proclaimed geek in the team - Johan the Missing. Of course I, Suchetha the Nonsensical, and Navin the Crafty are in the list too. But that goes without saying right?

They all gather for a night and a day of Role Playing Games, geek movies (Monty Python and the Holy Grail and any others we think will fit), board games, card games, and general geekery.

There will also be food. Nick is brining and marinading chicken. And I have a 5kg pork butt that was marinaded for 24 hours and cooking for 16.

Right now, everyone is prepping. I have games to study and scenarios to write. Navin has a scenario to write. I am sure the rest of the crew is doing similar things.

We hope to make this as connected as possible.. so follow Facebook event page and the #greatgeekretreat hashtag on twitter.

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