Why I Want Mahinda to Win

Now there's a shocker.

Here I am, calling Mahinda Rajapaksa The Beast, attacking him and criticising him at every step, and all of a sudden I do a complete Heel Face Turn?? What the fuck is up with that? Why, oh why would I want him to win?

The answer is simple.


Revenge on The Beast for sure, but also revenge on the people who voted for him, the people who supported him, and the people who maintained that he was the Glorious Leader. But mostly for revenge on The Beast.

So how does a victory mean revenge? That is,logically speaking, a contradiction.

To understand that, you have to understand what Jeeves used to call the psychology of the individual.

The thing I have noticed about The Beast is that he is a very insecure man. Insecure in his position, insecure in his place in things, and most of all insecure in his self-image. His high level of superstition that led to - amongst other things - his removal and dumping of a 120 year old statue of Queen Victoria and his (in)famous arrest of the astrologer who predicted that he would be ejected from office. But, as with all such beliefs, this is because he feels that he is inadequate. How else would you explain it?

He just wants to be loved. OK, not just loved, but adored and adulated. The cult of personality he created around himself was not just the means to an end. It was an end in itself. I admit, I am not a psychologist. I can't read peoples' minds. But when you look at the things he has done, it seems painfully obvious. But he is a charismatic guy. Everyone who has met him agrees on that. Me, I haven't met him, so I can't say anything. But the way he acts is like he wants to be loved by everyone, and he would do anything to get that. And coming from me, that's practically a professional opinion.

So yes, The Beast is insecure. Very much so. Which is why he had astrologers on TV predicting to the world that he would win. Which is why he wants to be met by adoring and cheering crowds everywhere he goes. Which is why he sits and watches people adoring him like you and I would watch the animals in the zoo. I still remember this https://suchthegeek.com/posts/2010/01/25/why-i-want-mahinda-winnews report of him leaning on a railing with an adoring crowd separated from him by 3 feet and a chainlink fence. It looked so much like the Dehiwala Zoo its not even funny.

I want him to know how it is to be hated. Not simply hated, but truly loathed. I want him to be in power when the prices go up because we have to pay off the USD 500 million loan (at 8% interest) that is coming due in 2012. I want him around to hear his name being cursed.

I want him to win so that when all this goes to shit, then people will know who to blame. I want him to be able to steal a lot more sore that when everything comes crashing to the ground, people will remember him. So that neither he, nor his brothers, nor his sons, nor anyone who has the name Rajapaksa can ever enter into politics again.

Can you tell that I hate him?

I want the people to suffer. I want the people who cheered him on, who proclaimed him the saviour of Sri Lanka, who were willing to excuse and accept his illegal actions to feel the results of their actions.

And I'll be right there, suffering with them. But I will have a smile on my face. Because I know that as much as I suffer, it is nothing compared to the suffering of those who will feel betrayed by him, and have no-one to blame for it but themselves.

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